Outdoor Education Alphabet and Number Activity


Nature Alphabet and Number Line

Teaching and learning the alphabet can be tricky. It is an essential skill for children to learn, but it is important to make learning fun, and meaningful. This outdoor education activity does both and it’s simple!


Learning with a pencil and paper is important, but if you can give children a variety of ways to learn then different learning styles can be reached.

For this outdoor education activity, you don’t need to do anything to prepare, and you don’t need any special materials.

I did this activity with five different groups of 3-6 year olds. It was a hit! Although I did it at school, it can be done anywhere and in any season. If you go for a walk, or hike with a child that is learning their letters, or numbers, this activity can happen very naturally!

The weather has finally starting looking, and feeling like spring so I have been taking my classes outside more. Today we did a really simple, but fun, outdoor education activity. I wrote the numbers 1-20 in dirt outside our playground.

Since I teach different groups, I also scratched the alphabet into the dirt for my second group.

outdoor education

Once we were outside, I gave every child a cup for them to fill with materials they find in nature. We then went on a nature walk around our school and looked for interesting items to use.

outdoor education

Once everyone had a full cup, we headed back to our letters and numbers.

I assigned a letter to every child and they were responsible for recreating/tracing over their letter with their materials from nature.

outdoor education

Some students used stones, others used pinecones and sticks. I loved the variety of materials that were used. It was a true nature number line and alphabet!

outdoor education

This activity is a creative, hands-on way for children to practice printing, and forming, their numbers and letters. I love bringing children outside to learn and they are excited to spend the time doing outdoor education.

Even during a camping trip, a trip to the beach, or a hike through the forest, this activity is a great way to practice number and letter skills – while making it fun.

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