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Homemade Paint DIY Rock Paint

Homemade Paint DIY Rock Paint


Homemade paint made from rocks?  It’s easier than you think!  I used small groups for this activity.  Students wore safety goggles when doing this activity and had one-on-one help with the hammers (if needed). Students smashed down rocks (I used lava rocks) with the hammers and then grinded them down further in a mortar and pestle.  The finer they can make the rock the better.

homemade paint

Once we had a very fine powder we then added a bit of flax seed oil to make it have a consistency closer to paint – and then we painted! The paint is not particularly smooth or as easy to work with as the paint we usually use, but the fact that it is made from rocks, and homemade, was the exciting part.

When students were waiting to use the hammers, I had a table set up with special rocks, gems, books and magnifying glasses.

(Make sure students wear safety glasses when working and closely supervised when using the hammers.  This activity works best outside.)

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