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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


We’re going on a bear hunt!  After reading the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, by Michael Rosen, we discussed the different areas the hunt took them through (ie. the mud, forest).  I then put students into small groups.  Each group was assigned one of the different areas form the book to create a small setting for.  For example, the group responsible for the mud painted their page in brown paint that had sand mixed in.  This gave it the look of mud.

were going on a bear hunt

The following day, I laid out the props they created and we walked through the school and through the different areas. ie. we set the mud on the hall floor and as children walked on it they had to pretend that they were walking through the mud.  I sprayed water onto students as they went through the river.  A small spray bottle worked well!  We ended our adventure in a small room in the school to mimic a cave.

I had set up a stuffed bear and put out some bear shaped cookies that we enjoyed together as we listened to the author read the story (link below.)  This was a favourite activity that students have since brought up many times as a fond memory.

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