The Three Little Pigs Story Play

The Three Little Pigs Story Play


One of my favourite things about teaching is working with other teachers and learning from them. My teaching partners are a source of inspiration to me on a daily basis.

I have also had the rewarding experience of working with a student teacher who held so much enthusiasm and passion for teaching that I wanted to share one of my favourite activities that he created.

When preparing an activity/lesson for the kindergarten class, he created a story play based on the classic story, “The Three Little Pigs”.

Our students have been introduced to story plays over the years and always enjoy them. Story plays use small props and characters to retell a story. If you are looking for a new way to tell a story, this form of story telling is magical for kids.

The Three Little Pigs

The props caught, and kept, students attention immediately. Each of the pigs homes are made from different materials. To create the straw house, pipe cleaners were used.

As the story is told, and the wolf blows down the houses, the houses are turned over and ‘destroyed’.

The Three Little Pigs

Even for a popular story like “The 3 Little Pigs,” presenting the story in this way engages children in a way that you have to see to believe.

While our student teacher was presenting it was interesting to be an observer and watch the students be completely focused and engaged on the story being told.

The Three Little Pigs

If you try a story play or have children create one of their own, another option for props are to print pictures from online or have children draw them.

I like the variety of materials used to create the different props. The trees and apples are made from felt. Although the props are detailed and beautifully created for this story play, another option for a story play within a classroom is for the children to be given a variety of materials and create their own props.

The Three Little Pigs

An additional feature that was used during this story play was sound effects (i.e. the wolf’s voice, the wolf splashing into a pot of water.) The use of sound effects added a whole other element to the story play.

It is certainly something that I will work to add to my future story plays. (To add sound effects, a cell phone and hidden speaker were used.)

The Three Little Pigs

The student teacher who created this story play is an excellent story teller to begin with; however, this interactive form of story telling raises the bar for all story telling.

I am always open to new ideas and activities for kids. This story play gave me lots of ideas to add to my own teaching!

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