The Tale of Peter Rabbit Storytelling Activity

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The Tale of Peter Rabbit Storytelling Activity

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Storytelling Activity


Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter!  What child doesn’t love this classic tale.  Story plays are my absolute favourite activity to prepare and present.  There is something magical to presenting a story in this way.  This is a recent story play of the classic story, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, by Beatrix Potter.

the tale of peter rabbit

For my story plays, students gather around the materials on the carpet and I read the story and move characters to reflect what I am reading.   I typically have students watch me set up the ‘stage’ and they predict what they think the story will be about as they watch me unpack the props.  (Part of this is simply because I teach kindergarten prep so I have to be able to move my props/materials from one class to another quickly, but I also find that children love watching the set up.)

Students observed the story play and as a follow up they then went on an adventure throughout the school so they got a chance to re-enact the story.  We were careful to find our vegetables through the the school quietly so that we weren’t discovered by Mr. McGregor (I had printed and taped on the walls of the school the vegetables that Peter eats as well as an outline of a farmer peeking around a far hallway.)  In the end, we found a special garden full of carrots and each child got to pull a ‘carrot’ to enjoy. (They were goldfish crackers).  The excitement during this Peter Rabbit activity was unbelievable!

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