• Math Themed Escape Room
  • Ideal for Classroom or Homeschool
  • No Materials Required – Print and Go
  • Ideal for Primary Grades
  • Make Math Fun!


Make math fun with this printable math escape room! Ideal for the classroom or home. This math activity is ideal to use as a math center or a group math game.

The puzzles are a fun way to practice coding, basic addition and subtraction, and What Number am I? questions and many more.

Ideal for children in primary grades (6-9 years old.)

You don’t need any locks or any other materials! Simply print and go. Math escape rooms are ideal to promote problem solving, a growth mindset and critical thinking in a fun, hands-on math activity.

This escape room includes 5 clues and a certificate. Clues include puzzles, codes, 100 chart and more!


*Please note that this is a digital download for the purchaser to print on their own. No product will be shipped to your home.*

1 review for Math Escape Room

  1. 5 out of 5

    This one took all their brain power but working together was helpful. The 7, 8, 9 and 10 year old each had their own copy of each clue to work on individually, then they compared their answers before moving on. They especially loved putting the two wheels together and working on that clue. They all saved their wheels to continue to play after they completed the puzzles.

    • 0 out of 5

      This escape room can be challenging, but I also love that your group was able to solve it – and maybe learn along the way. Each child having their own copy is a great idea and a smart way to do the activity. Thank you so much for leaving a review. It helps others looking at the game to know your experience. I appreciate the review.
      Thank you,

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