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Kindergarten Drama Games


It’s a baseball bat!  It’s a fairy wand!  No, it’s a boat!  Drama is a popular activity with teachers and students and it is always one of my favourites.  I took the classes that I cover kindergarten prep for outside to do some drama games with them.  We found a comfortable spot to sit as a group and using a broom handle I tell students the story of my great-great-great grandfather Jack:

Jack did not always listen to his mother very well and one day when he went to the market, he got some seeds instead of what his mother had asked him to buy.  The seeds were special though, and took Jack to amazing other worlds.  One place he visited was the home of a giant.  After looking around the giant’s house, he was spotted by the giant.  Jack knew he needed to run, but he really wanted something to prove that he had seen a giant and been in a giant’s house.  Without thinking, he grabbed the giant’s spoon and ran.  Jack did get the spoon back home, but not without falling and the top of the spoon breaking off.  Regardless, Jack kept the spoon handle as a special memory for many years and it is now passed down through the generations in my family. 

It may look like just a broom handle, but look closely, because it is so much more!

After telling the story, I give each student a stick and we put on our imagination hats!  (I set some rules first about how the sticks need to be properly used for the activity.)

drama games

Each student is given the opportunity to share their idea of what their stick could be.  It is always fun to act out each student’s idea as a group!

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