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Scavenger Hunt – Follow the String


We went on another adventure today!  Our class started as we heard a voice from the hall asking if we wanted to follow the string.  (I had set up my speaker just outside the classroom door and had prerecorded a video asking if they wanted to follow the string).  And just like that we were off on a scavenger hunt!

As soon as we left the classroom, we found a trail of string running down the halls of the school.  It was even running through a few classes, out front of the school and up and down trees!  We followed it until we came to the end of the string.

scavenger hunt

I love the idea of the string to add a twist to a regular scavenger hunt.  Since there are always so many people coming and going within the school, we had to be careful that the string did not create a trip hazard.

At home, my kid’s loved this story so much and the scavenger hunt went so well at school that I recreated the hunt for my own kids.  I strung the string through trees in a near by forest and led them to some treats!  It made for a lot of excitement and a great afternoon.

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