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After many years of wishing that I had a laminator, I finally bought one this year!  I love it and wish that I had bought it long ago.  Laminators, and other school supplies, can be a big investment, so to start, I decided to buy a fairly small one that didn’t cost too much money. The size has turned out to be perfect and I am using it a lot. 

Since I bought write and wipe boards to use when I teach prep, the laminator has been helping me save a lot of paper and activities for future years.  When sheets are laminated, you can use write and wipe markers on them and they easily wipe off.

school supplies

Since most of the activities that I do are used by over 100 kids, I need them to last from class to class.  I don’t do a lot of pencil and paper work with students, but often create games and activities to play with.  Therefore, I have been laminating a lot of my materials to ensure that I will be able to use them again next year. 

I am already finding that the money I spent has saved me money in the long run.  I have some activities that I often use year after year, that I would re-print every year.  Now that they are laminated, I feel like I already have a few activities ready to go for next year!

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