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Magnet Arts and Crafts for Kids

Magnet Arts and Crafts for Kids


A little mix of art and science!  As one kindergarten class was doing an inquiry on magnets, and another class that I cover on kindergarten prep were learning about colour mixing, I figured that this would be the perfect arts and crafts for kids activity! 

I put students into groups of about 4 for this activity.  I had 2-3 students hold the tin plate so that is was off of the table and held strong.  We then had each student choose two colours of paint that they wanted to see mixed together.

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One student used the magnetic wand to move the magnetic ball through the 2 puddles of paint in the paper. The wand, under the plate, controls the ball, on top of the plate so there is very little mess or clean up. 

We only used 2 colours so that they easily mixed and made a beautiful secondary colour.  They loved watching the magnetic ball ‘magically’ move through the paint and mix the colours together. 

Groups then rotated through until everyone had a turn ‘painting’.  There are so many ways to do this activity, but I found that this worked well for young kids and was easy for me to move from class to class.

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