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School Supplies – Dry Erase Boards


Show your boards!  I often use dry erase (write and wipe) boards and they are always a hit! This is one of my school supplies that I bought that cost a bit more than others. However, they are well used and have held up very well.  The ones in the photo are over a decade old.

I like using them for several reasons.  In the older grades, I like that every child is held accountable because they have their own individual board.  When I taught the intermediate and junior grades I often used them for test review.  I would give students a question and then time to answer it on their boards.  Then they would have to show their board by holding them up.  I was then able to do a quick scan to see who was finding it challenging and what questions students were either understanding or not.

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In younger grades, the boards are great for a nature walk to draw all of the living things that they see.  I find that with the boards young students are so excited to be able to use them that they are more likely to write and draw without worrying (vs. pencil and paper).  One strategy that I use is to give students 2 minutes from when they first get their boards and markers to doodle and draw.  They understand that this is their time to do whatever they want, but after 2 minutes is up then it is time to erase their boards and be ready to work or begin our adventure.

I have found that socks are the best eraser for the whiteboards.  Tissue or paper towel works well, but I find it is wasteful.  The socks last for quite some time and wash up easily.  The board are generally available at hardware stores.  You can buy a large sheet that cuts into about 8 sheets roughly 30cm x 30cm and it cost about $50 for a class set.  Definitely worth every penny!

I gave my old boards to a friend for her class this year and updated my old boards with some new ones, complete with a new storage system.  I love using white boards, and I was able to find the perfect container to store the boards and markers in.  It is actually a scrap booking container, but it works perfectly for storing what I need.

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The marker section removes which makes it easier for students to gather their supplies.  The boards were a hit when I introduced them today.  I’m looking forward to using them throughout the year.

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