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Play with Clay


All kids like playing with playdough – I have yet to find one who doesn’t.  When I teach art, I like to introduce children to different art mediums that are hopefully new to them.  On this day when covering kindergarten prep, students had the opportunity to play with clay.

play with clay


This tends to end up being done over a few periods.  The first class I simply give each student a ball of clay about the size of a clementine; no other materials or instructions beyond ‘dig in’!  They talk about how it feels, how it moves, how it’s different than playdough.

The second class I give the tooth picks and a sponge and show them how to use a small amount of water and wet the clay.  I encourage them to use their fingers to wet it as well.   Depending on time they may begin to create an actual object.  Since I teach over 100 students I don’t typically give the clay to them to keep, but depending on resources you could.  I have found experimenting with the clay and playing with it is often all children want.  It’s a new experience for many and making something to take home usually isn’t their focus, they just want to play and figure out how clay works.

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