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Play doh Ideas – Building


Need some new play doh ideas?  One of the kindergarten classes that I cover prep for have been exploring an inquiry on structures.  I printed, and laminated, pictures of some famous structures around the world.  Students were given play dough, popsicle sticks, toothpicks and given time to explore the photos and then create a structure.

play doh ideas

It is always fascinating to see what kids will come up when they are given some art materials; and how different their creations will be from each other.  For this project, some students created a 3-d model of the structure they found in the picture.   They could pick it up and hold it.  Other students stuck the play doh flat to the picture and replicated the photo.  Anything with play dough tends to be a hit, and this was an easy way to work it into the classroom inquiry.

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