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  • Simple Machines Unit
  • Print and Go Student Booklet
  • Hands-On Activities and Projects
  • Pages Included in Black and White and Color
  • 47 Pages


Make teaching easy with this Simple Machines full unit. Work through a page, or two each science class, with students to cover everything they need to know about simple machines. Organized in a simple, print and go booklet. These simple machines worksheets are kid friendly and straight forward.

This full Simple Machines Unit includes hands-on experiments and activities. There is a lot to learn and teach with this fun unit, but teaching it shouldn’t be overwhelming or complicated. These worksheets print to create a student workbook that includes everything needed for a complete and concise unit. It has been tried and tested in my own classroom!

Product Includes:

Booklet Cover

What is a Simple Machine? (Introduction)

Wheel and Axle (Description + Cut and Paste Activity)

Lever (Description + Cut and Paste Activity)

Pulley (Description + Cut and Paste Activity)

Screw (Description + Cut and Paste Activity)

Wedge (Description + Cut and Paste Activity)

Inclined Plane (Description + Cut and Paste Activity)

Ramp Experiment (Simple, hands-on experiment)

Machines (Label)

Simple Machines (Matching)

Movement (Brainstorm types of movement)

My Simple Machines (Simple/compound machines in our daily lives)

Machine Hunt (Search and identify)

Actions and Movement (Action and movement words)

Solving Problems with Machines (Identifying machines to help do certain work)

Keep Moving (Machines specifically designed to help people move)

Machines and Society (Positives and negatives to the use of simple machines)

Simple Machine Project (Hands-on building project)


+ Simple machines pictures to cut out and paste on simple machine pages

+ Black and white and color copies of all pages included

+ Answer pages


*Please note that this is a digital download for the purchaser to print on their own. No product will be shipped to your home.*


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