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Materials, Objects and Everyday Structures

  • Full Materials, Objects and Structures Unit
  • Hands-On Experiment and Engaging Activities
  • Kid Friendly Pages


This 1st Grade science unit for the Materials, Objects and Everyday Structures unit covers everything you need. Teach kids to understand and identify various materials, objects and structures in their surroundings. The booklet offers kid friendly text, engaging clipart and with line spacing that’s perfect for young kids. (This unit falls under the “Understanding Structures and Mechanisms” in the Ontario curriculum in Canada).

Concepts covered include:

– Waste Produced in Class/Home and Ways to Reduce Waste

– Recyclable Material Sort (Cut and paste activity).

– Identifying Human Made versus Natural

– Identifying Types of Materials

– Materials and Objects (Choosing the best material for an object).

– Identifying items as Materials or Objects

– Sources of Materials

– Comparing Similar Objects

– 5 Senses

– Describing Materials and Objects (Touch and feel experiment).

– Testing Materials (Testing materials with water experiment).

– Fasteners (Identifying things used to join and their uses).

– Identifying Structures

– STEM Project (Design, build and test a structure experiment/activity).


This product includes a student work booklet in black and white as well as colour. The first 18 pages are colour and then the next 18 pages are the black and white copies. The last 5 pages include the answers.

The science unit for “Daily and Seasonal Changes” also available. Click here.


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