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Estimation Station Activity Worksheets

  • Engaging Estimation Activity
  • Use Real Life Materials
  • For Full Activity Description Click Here
  • Ideal for Kindergarten and Primary Grades


Estimation is a key math concept for children to learn. These estimation worksheets are simple for children to use in combination with an estimation station (a jar filled with a random number of items). It is simple to set up and the estimation worksheets incorporate numerous math ideas such as, representing numbers as tally marks, in ten frames, estimating, counting and many more.

An Estimation Jar in a classroom (virtually or in person) helps develop children’s ability to estimate and develops math knowledge. These worksheets can be used for any estimation jar amount (up to 100 items).

Student Booklet Includes:

Estimation (Estimate and then represent estimate in words, tally marks, base 10 blocks)

Count to find the actual number (Represent the actual amount in a 10 frame etc.)

Skip count to get to the actual number.

Estimation worksheets are intended to be used in combination with an estimation jar.


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