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Our elf is such a special part of our Christmas traditions.  My kids wake up excited every day of the month and run to find our elf in the house.  The excitement every morning has created amazing memories and builds the excitement of the season.

However, on the other hand, life is busy and there are other nights that there is just not time for an extravagant display.  Our elf has come on various occasions and created very special memories for my kids. I am excited to share a few of our elves adventures with you today!

I hope that this collection gives you elf ideas, both quick and easy.  #8 is my favourite and perfect for a special outing over the holidays!

The very first thing you need in order to join in the Christmas Elf fun, is an Elf doll. There are various designs for the elves that you can choose from.

For a printable welcome letter, visit Christmas Elf – I’m Back Letter.

As you plan for the holiday and your elf visiting, talk to kids about the act of gift giving with these free Christmas Gift Giving Notebooking Pages.

Once you’ve check out these ideas, make sure to visit Paper Heart Family for even more ideas of Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas and Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas from Angela at the Inspiration Edit. There are lots of quick and easy ideas that are sure to get a laugh.

24 Christmas Elf Ideas

Below is a full month of Christmas Elf ideas, from our elf to yours.

1. Our elf likes to start off with a grand entrance.  She usually comes on December 1st right after we put up our Christmas tree.  She brought an inexpensive backdrop at a party store and added a few cut outs of presents. 

Our elf also brings the advent calendars my kids open each day as they countdown.  It was a beautiful way to start our elf visits.

2.  If you have really young children in your house that don’t fully understand that they cannot touch the elf, this worked wonders at our house when my youngest was just over a year. Our special magic spray helped avoid many tears! 

Elf on the shelf ideas

3.  This is such a cute idea!  We had done some baking during the day and made chocolate chip cookies and left them out.

My kids woke up in the morning to find that their elf had painted the chocolate chips in some of their cookies to be white chocolate.

elf on the shelf ideas

4.  Our elf continued on with some baking at night.  She baked, and tasted a few gingerbread men.  I don’t think my kids have ever enjoyed cookies as much as ones made by their elf.

Elf on the shelf ideas

5.  Our elf was pretty hungry during the night!  So, she made herself a little snack.

Elf on the shelf ideas

6.  Elf had some fun with friends around a campfire (a candle) last night.

elf on the shelf ideas

7. Enjoying a bubble (marshmallow) bath.

Elf on the shelf ideas

#8 Christmas Elf – Special Outing

Our elf does this every year and it leads to the most magical day! My kids woke up to find their elf had secured herself in a glass jar.  A note was left saying that she wanted to be able to join us today.  (We were going on a special day trip.) 

Since she was in the jar she was safe to move and touch.  My kids were so careful with her when we were out and they kept her somewhat hidden in a bag/purse.  It was priceless to watch them constantly check on and say ‘hi’ to her.

elf on the shelf ideas

9.  My kids were excited to find a small tree in their room in the morning all decorated with their elf on top waiting for them to wake up.

elf on the shelf ideas

10.  I guess all magical creatures would know each other!  Our elf set out some of our Easter decorations and even hid some eggs for my kids to find.  It led to a great morning.

elf on the shelf ideas

11. Even elves need to do laundry! My kids woke to find some string strung across our laundry room.

12.  Vrooommm!  Some tape on the floor for a start and finish line made for a great race.

elf on the shelf ideas

#13 Christmas Elf Ideas – Gone Fishing

A few drops of blue food coloring and some goldfish crackers caused a lot of laughter this morning.

elf on the shelf ideas

14.  A few snacks and some video games made it look like our elf had a great night!

elf on the shelf ideas

15.  My kids enjoyed finishing the puzzle in the morning for their elf.

elf on the shelf ideas

16.   This one is a bit messy, but my kids loved it. Our elf cut out some snowflakes and made snow angles in the paper/snow.

It looked like our elf brought some snow back from the North Pol with her. She had snow sprinkled snow all around and looked like our elf had been playing in the snow (on the carpet in their room.)

elf on the shelf ideas

17.  My kids really enjoy rock climbing, so our elf decided to try it out.  She used painters tape and hot glued a few rocks onto the tape on the wall.  There was even a string attached to the ceiling and the elf was secured to the string.

#18 Christmas Elf Ideas – A Special Entry

One of my children has their birthday in December, so we we so happy that their elf did something special for her.  However, this would be memorable for any special day. 

Our elf brought her best friend to come and visit for her party.  She entered through a special door in order to come.  It was such a special treat for a special day.

elf on the shelf ideas

The door has become a very special part of our tradition. My kids play by the door with their other toys for hours. A link to an elf door is provided below.

19.  This one always gets lots of laughs and is so easy!  Upside down or even in the fridge our elf enjoyed a late night snack.

elf on the shelf ideas

20.  We found a beautiful display of snowflakes hanging from our ceiling in the morning and our elf looked responsible for the decorations.

elf on the shelf ideas

21.  Can you find the elf?  Our elf did a quick round-up of every stuffed animal she could find.  We have way too many, but my kids loved the look of it.

elf on the shelf ideas

22.  Using a small mirror from a doll house, our elf had a little fashion show as she collected all of the tutus in the house.

elf on the shelf ideas

#23 Christmas Elf Ideas – A Good Book

I love this one because it got my kids reading with their elf.  They chose one of the Christmas books and sat right by their elf and read.

elf on the shelf ideas

24.  My kids loved this idea of colouring for their elf.  It kept them busy for quite some time. 

Our elf brought them each a colouring book and asked if they could colour a photo for her. It was a nice gift to leave behind on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Elf Bonus Idea

This was certainly one of our favorite Elf ideas that our elves did for us. With just toilet paper rolls and markers, the elves turned out washroom into the home of several snowmen!

There is a lot of fun that the elf brings and it fills the whole month of December with magic!  I will be adding more ideas as our elf visits this year!

I hope that you have found some ideas that you can use. Make sure to have fun with your elf!

Happy holidays!

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