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Kids Activity Bath


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My new favourite themed bath!  Since my kids have been focused on baking and everything baking related I decided to create this kids activity bath for them.  I used shaving cream as icing and it worked out better then I imagined!  You can also use kids bath foam for the icing. I had some food songs playing as they came into the room and they couldn’t wait to start decorating!

Kids activity bath

The cupcakes were also really cute.  They loved trying out the different colours and designs.  They looked good enough to eat!  This kids activity bath was a hit and a great sensory bath for my kids. Clean up was really easy too.  Since I used wooden beads, they floated and we used a strainer to get them all out before draining the bath.

kids activity bath

(Since the creations end up looking almost like real cakes and cupcakes, a little reminder to kids that they are not edible is always a good idea.)

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