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Mental Health Lessons for Kids

Mental Health Lessons for Kids


We all need a reminder of the important things in life sometimes.  I started with a large clear jar and enough Styrofoam balls to fill it.  As I put them in, I told students that they represented the big things in their lives, like their family and close friends, their health and well being. 

I then asked them if the jar was full (“yes”).  I then added the small beads, and told them that they represented the other things that are important to them – like sports, school and friends.

mental health lessons for kids

Students all agreed that the jar was definitely full now.  I added sand to the jar and filled it.  The sand represented all the small things that we often focus and get caught up on, but shouldn’t be the focus in our lives. 

As full as the jar was at this point, I added fruit punch (water with red food colouring) to show that even with the styrofoam balls and beads and sand, they should still make room to have a party and have fun.

I then brought out an identical glass jar, but empty, and filled it with the sand.  My intention was to represent that if we fill our lives with the sand then there is no room for the big, important things or even the smaller things that matter to them (the beads and styrofoam balls). 

We need to focus on the big things, but always make room for the other aspects of our lives that make us happy.   It’s up to us what we fill our lives with, and a little reminder is always good.

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