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Add a Summer Scavenger Hunt to your summer bucket list!  It’s more than a checklist, it’s a full game. 
The scavenger hunt includes everything there is to love about summer.  Play outside and explore to find different items.  The scavenger hunt is easy to set up and can be played in groups or individually. 
Simply print the clues and hide them in the specific location.  The locations/items you need are:
  • Flowers
  • Shade/Umbrella
  • Water Balloons/Water Toys
  • Sand
  • Bike/Scooter (or bike racks etc)
  • Tree
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Sandals
  • Adult/Supervisor
Children are given a riddle to solve that leads them from one clue to their next.  As they solve a clue they search to find where the next is hidden.
There are also completion certificates included, but you can use anything you want to give children for their final prize/treat – or simply give the certificates.  
Product includes:
  • Instruction Page
  • 10 Puzzle Cards/ Clues in Color
  • Completion Certificates
  • Puzzle Cards and Certificates in black and white.
You can view the activity and detailed set up instructions here: Summer Scavenger Hunt



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