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  • Ideal for children ages 5-12
  • Classroom or Home Use
  • Over 100 Activities/Challenges
  • Cards Can be used with Any Building Materials


Easily add STEM activities to your classroom or home with this collection of over 100 STEM challenge cards. 

STEM activities promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills by creating, and problem solving with hands-on activities.

Each STEM challenge card invites children to build something, from a staircase to their dream home or an alien creature, there are over 100 ideas to choose from! 

The cards are unique because they can be used with virtually any combination of simple materials – from popsicle sticks to aluminum foil.

To prepare a STEM challenge, simply print the STEM challenge cards, provide children with some materials and let the creating, learning and inventing begin.

Materials to build with are not provided.  However, materials for STEM challenges do not have to be expensive and many materials can be found in most classrooms or homes. 

Tips for Use page is included in the product which includes some material ideas.  Some possible materials include: straws, play dough, plastic linking blocks, paper rolls, popsicle sticks and wooden blocks. 

Virtually any combination of materials can be used for any of the challenges.  Some materials do work best with certain challenges, however, sometimes the most unusual materials can create the biggest challenge and also the best results!

Cards can easily be printed and used for learning centers, group work or independent work.  The challenges also work really well at home as a screen-free activity.

Cards can be printed in black and white or color and laminating is a great idea so that cards can be used again and again.

Activity cards include vibrant, engaging photos for young children which can help children who are learning to read be able to decode the words on the challenges.

You can choose the material and challenge card that you want children to use, or simply provide a variety of materials and allow children to pick the challenge and the materials they feel they can build best with.

Product Includes:

Tips for Use page

17 pages of activities with 6 STEM challenge cards on each page (Color)

17 pages of activities with 6 STEM challenge cards on each page (Black and White)

(41 pages total – which includes terms of use page etc.)


If you purchased the STEM Wooden block challenges, please email me for a discount before purchasing this product.  The challenges from the blocks cards are included in this product, however, many more have been added and they are changed so that they are generic for any building material. I offer a discount because some of the challenges are the same.

*This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.  No physical product will be shipped to your home.*


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