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Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Activities

  • Ideal for Kindergarten – Grade 1
  • Perfect for Morning Bins
  • Hands-On Social Emotional Activities
  • Make Learning About Emotions, Feelings and Being Mindful Fun and Engaging


Help children recognize, express and work to control their feelings with these social emotional learning activities and mindfulness activities. These 10 activities are ideal for morning bins, but can also be used throughout the day as calming learning activities. Activities are intended to be done independently, so they are perfect for a socially distanced classroom.
The focus of the activities are for social emotional and mindfulness learning. The activities are academic, however, the focus is on helping children identify and recognize their emotions.
Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Activities include:
– Instructions and Tips
– “My Feelings” booklet (2 versions included for younger or older children)
1 version asks children to trace the emotion word and draw a picture, the second version asks children to complete the sentence and draw a picture.
– Puzzle Activity
– Matching (Pairing Emotion to Face)
– Colouring Page
– Make a Sentence (Feelings/Emotions – words are given to create from)
– Make a Face/Emotion (calming play dough activity)
– Memory Game (social emotional and mindful words and images)
– Emotion Word Strips
– Search and Find (sensory word hunt)
– Breathing Stick Activity (calming craft)
Labels and student instructions are all included. (Canadian and American spelling are included on separate labels).
Activities are fun, hands-on and easy to use, print and prepare.


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