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Christmas Escape Room

  • Family Fun!
  • Print and Play – No Keys, Locks or Materials Required
  • Home or Classroom Use
  • Made for Children
  • Make Learning Fun and Engaging


You have 60 minutes! Can you escape? Get creative with your Christmas Activities with this Christmas Escape Room activity. The escape room is created specifically for children and can be done at home or even in the classroom. If you have never done an escape room before, this printable Christmas Escape Room is a great place to start!

It only takes a few minutes to set up but creates a wonderful, fun activity for children to do.  This Christmas Escape Room also works well as a family activity to do together to celebrate the season.  Escape rooms encourage problem solving, team work and thinking outside of the box. Children will have so much fun solving all of the puzzles, that they’ll forget that they are learning and doing work!

The escape room is included in color pages and black and white.

Set up instructions and escape room solutions are all included.

Christmas Escape Room includes:

– Set up instructions

– “Dear Children” puzzle letter

– Puzzle word search

– Maze puzzle activity

– Puzzle pieces clue

– Code wheel

– Colored square puzzle (matching to find the code)

– Final prize page

– 4 extra foldable pages (These pages add to the challenge by being red herrings if players get a clue wrong. If young children are playing these pages do not need to be included.)

– Completion Certificate


The final puzzle can lead either to the page with the corresponding picture, or it can lead to an actual location/item in the classroom/home. This can add a fun, interactive element to the escape room.


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