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2D Shapes Geometry Math Unit

  • 2D Geometry Unit for 1st and 2nd Grade
  • Variety of Skills Covered
  • Child Friendly Pages
  • Fun, Engaging Pages


Have everything you need for your 1st Grade and 2nd Grade math geometry unit with these 2D shapes worksheets. This package contains, a unit on 2D shapes for a 2D geometry with engaging worksheets to practice core 2D geometry skills.

Pages are created with young children in mind. Pages are simplified and proper space for answers and work. Pages are in color and black and white. Answers included.

2D Shapes Worksheets 1st Grade 2nd Grade Math Geometry Unit.

10 page booklet for students (including cover page)

– Identifying 2D shapes,

– Finding and drawing 2D shapes,

– Drawing 2D shapes on dot paper,

– Identifying sides and vertices,

– Creating images using specific 2D shapes,

– Describing 2D shapes,

– Identifying 2D shapes based on descriptions,

– Finding lines of symmetry and drawing symmetrical shapes,

– Sorting 2D shapes into a Venn diagram.


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