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Financial Literacy Class Store Booklet

  • Make learning about money and finances fun
  • Class (or at home) store for children to learn about money
  • Real life math
  • For full class store activity description Click here


Financial literacy can be taught in many ways. Hands-on, real life learning experiences are one of the best ways to learn. This financial literacy booklet is to be used with a class, or home, ‘store’ set up for children. Having small items for sale for specific amounts that children earn money to buy teaches financial literacy in a fun, engaging way. Booklet also incorporates media literacy.

There are 6 pages in the booklet:

– Questions to get children thinking about the store (i.e. What will you save up for?)

– Ordering coin amounts from least to greatest

– “Shopping Day” – Drawing the coins for items purchased

– Amount saved, shared and spent

– Reflecting on why it is important to save etc.

– Media literacy incorporated by creating a store poster


Booklet is offered in color and black and white. (All pages included)

*Please note that this is a digital download for the purchaser to print on their own. No product will be shipped to your home.*


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