37 Valentines Day STEM Activities and STEAM Activities for Kids


Valentine’s Day is a great time for STEM activities! From fizzing hearts and surprise messages to heart logic puzzles and building challenges, there are lots of Valentines Day STEM activities and experiments to make the day special.

Below is a collection of various science, technology, engineering, art and math activities with a Valentine theme. If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I love a great STEM challenge for kids.

STEM challenges and activities include at least one science, technology, engineering or math skill. The more of these subject areas that are touched on in a activity the better. Recently an art component has been added to these special activities, sometimes now known as STEAM activities.

When I taught kindergarten, STEAM activities and science experiments were always my go-to activities because the kids always loved them! Whether you are looking for activities to try at home or in the classroom, there are lots of simple STEAM activities to try out!

STEAM activities for kids are a great way to make a special day, like Valentine’s Day, fun and exciting, but also educational.

valentines day stem activities for kids the image is a Pinterest pin with a collage of images.

Science STEM Activities

Make your science lesson exciting with this ‘exploding’ science experiment. This chemical reaction experiment will encourage a love for science and hands-on learning. Try adding a special surprise with a hidden treasure inside for kids to find. Click for science STEM Activity

valentines day science experiment A cupcake liner with a pink mixture and heart gems inside.

Explore which liquid solution helps dissolve these candies the best with this Dissolving Candy Hearts Experiment. Who doesn’t love candy science? Candy Science Experiment for Kids

Valentines day stem activities the image shows small bowls with with candy hearts and a worksheet.

Kids will see lots of hearts on Valentine’s Day. Add meaning to the hearts with this hands-on science experiment that will give children an understanding of how their heart works. Heart Pump STEM Activity

Valentines day stem activities image show a child touching a stretched balloon over a jar with straws in it.

Printable STEM Activity

Try a hands-on building challenge this Valentine’s Day with a STEM building activity. Print the free activity card and create an adorable lovebug.

Create an optical illusion thaumatrope. Learn the science behind how it works. Kids will love playing with it! Thaumatrope STEM Activity.

Kids love making and playing with slime. Make it Valentine’s Day themed with these simple instructions and free printable tags. Valentine’s Day Slime Experiment

valentines day stem activities for kids the image shows two jars of slime and a tag on the jar

Use just a few kitchen ingredients to create this Love Potion Lava Lamp. It’s a great science experiment that will get kids excited about science. Kids and adults won’t be able to take their eyes off it! Love Potion Lava Lamp STEM Experiment

valentines day stem activities image shows a clear jar with the bottom half solid red and the other half is yellowish with sparkles

My kids would love this! Make learning about science and the human body almost magical with this Magic Heart activity for kids. Magic Heart STEM Activity

steam The image shows a person painting and as the water pain touches the page an image appears

Make a model of a human heart and complete a few, fun worksheets for kids! Human Heart Model and Worksheet

valentines day stem activities worksheet  markers and playdough shown in the image

Use science to blow up a balloon this Valentine’s Day. This simple science experiment for kids is perfect for the classroom or home. Balloon STEM Activity

valentines day stem activities for kids two clear bottles with balloons blown up on the top

If you have never made oobleck before, it is one of the coolest materials you may ever touch. It is very exciting science for kids. This Valentine’s Day science experiment is easy, inexpensive and fun! Candy Heart Oobleck science experiment

valentines day stem activities for kids a clear bowl with pink liquid and candy hearts floating in it

Art + Science Activity

These salt crystal hearts are fun for children to make and watch crystalize. You also end up with a beautiful piece of art. This STEM activity could work well for any holiday or season! Salt crystal heart activity

valentines day stem activities for kids a textured heart craft is shown

Take science into your kitchen as you create gummy hearts with kids for Valentine’s Day. There is a lot of science that happens in the kitchen! Gummy Heart Science

stem activities gummy hearts symmetrical on a tray

This science experiment combines physics with art and a whole lot of fun. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day party. Cupids Arrow Balloon Physics

Science experiment for kids a yellow balloon on a string

This Dancing Hearts Experiment uses candy conversation hearts and is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Your kids will love watching the hearts float up and sink down! Fizzing Hearts Experiment

valentines day STEM activities a clear jar with fizzing bubbles on candy hearts

If you love the idea of science experiments for Valentine’s Day, check out this collection of simple Valentine themed science experiments. Valentine’s Day Science Experiments Collection

valentines day stem activities a heart shaped container with red blobs over white liquid
stem experiment melting candy in a heart shape
valentines day stem activities a heart floating in a clear jar

Technology Valentines Day STEM Activities

Not all technology activities have to be on a computer. Children can learn about technology and coding with ‘unplugged’ activities. Try out this directed drawing STEM activity that develops coding skills.

Learn about algorithms with this Valentine’s Day unplugged coding activity! Unplugged Coding STEM Activity

art for kids a picture of a tree with heart leaves

Practice logical reasoning skills and think like a programmer with this patchwork heart art lesson! This STEM activity uses science, art and technology skills! Patchwork Heart STEAM Activities

steam project a heart with quilt like sections

Make a great connection on Valentine’s Day with a circuit experiment for kids. Circuit STEM activity.

stem activity two parts of a heart made with salt

Help Cupid make his way through town to spread some Valentine’s Day cheer with this unplugged coding activity for Elementary aged kids! Valentine’s Day Coding

coding for kids a printable page with squares and valentine images

Engineering STEM Activities for Kids

Grab some marshmallows and toothpicks for this STEM activity. Challenge children to build different shapes and structures using only these few materials. You will be impressed with what they will come up with! STEM Building Challenge

stem for kids a heart shaped made from marshmallow hearts and toothpicks

Valentine’s Day is a great time for some hands-on learning. STEM challenges are a great way to get kids strategizing, problem solving and building. Check out this collection of STEM building challenges. STEM activities for Kids

Art STEAM Activities

Try a STEAM activity that combines science and art with this glitter heart art experiment. Give kids the chance to create their own crayons. Glitter Heart Crayons STEAM activity

steam activities silicone tray with pieces of crayons in each

Valentines that children make are the best! Mix some science exploration and art with this DIY Valentine that uses water science to create a beautiful work of art. Water Science Valentine.

stem activity an eye dropper dropping liquid onto a page to make a design

I love this idea! Create a beautiful card with a secret message inside. Children will love the science and magic to this science experiment and art project! Secret message

Valentines day steam activities for kids a blue paper with drops on it and a faint heart and the words love in the middle

Drawing is a great activity for you and your kids to do together. This activity has step-by-step instructions, tracing sheets, grid drawing worksheets, and coloring pages included in this free printable package! How to Draw a Heart Tree Art

stem activity a tree with pink heart leaves

Young and young at heart will love gathering around the table for a cookie decorating session!

Treats are a common part of Valentine’s Day. Integrate some art into this part of the party with a fun cookie decorating activity for children. Decorating with icing and sprinkles is a great sensory activity for kids because it is an art material very different from markers and crayons. Cookie Decorating Activity

cookies on a white stand and decorating candies and icing

Printable Template

Classic construction paper cards, valentines and candy holders are inexpensive and easy to make. Kids will love creating these adorable heart valentine candy holder crafts. Free template available. STEAM activity.

steam activity a construction paper heart face with pop out arms and legs

Adorable heart fingerprint poem crafts for kids to make gifts for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day! Free printable poem available. Fingerprint STEAM

STEM activities a printable with a saying and printer prints creating a heart around.

Make something beautiful while learning some science with this bubble painting art project and science activity. Bubble Painting Activity

steam activity six colorful hearts of different sizes made from paper

How beautiful are these hearts? This art activity uses simple materials from your kitchen to create colorful art pieces. Salt Heart STEAM Activity

Valentines day stem activities a bright and colorful heart made from salt to give it a textured look

Create a surprise Valentine with this watercolor art painting. There is a little bit of science mixed into this adorable art activity. Watercolor Heart Art

stem art activity a heart shaped card that says i love you

Math Valentines Day STEM Activities

Mix math and art with this coding activity for kids. Kids will love making beautiful bracelets while they learn about how to code. STEM coding activity.

STEM a bag of beads and beaded hearts on pipe cleaners

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like edible stained glass! Make some beautiful and delicious designs with your kids this Valentine’s Day. Stained Glass STEM Activity

art project for kids an adult and child are pouring a liquid into a tin foil tray

This free printable Cover the Heart Logic Puzzle is a fun problem solving experience for Valentine’s Day or any time of the year! It is a great way to help children recognize 2-d shapes and rotations. Heart Puzzle Activity

Incorporate the fun themes of hearts and candy into math with this quick and easy Valentine Venn Diagram Activity! Heart Venn Diagram STEM Activity

valentines day stem activities a Venn diagram made from two hearts with Valentine candy in it

Our STEM Valentine tangram for kids is a great STEM learning tool which helps build important STEM skills. Valentine Tangram Math Activity

For more tangram activities, check out this Tangram Math and Language Activity.

stem activities for kids printable page with heart puzzle cut outs and glue sticks

Bonus Valentines Day Activity

With all of the excitement of Valentine’s day, a calming sensory activity is always a good idea to have on hand. Either in the classroom or at home, children will love playing with and watching the hearts in the bottle. It doesn’t fit perfectly into one of the STEAM categories, but it is a great hands-on Valentine’s Day activity for kids. Sensory Bottle

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More Hands-On Teaching Ideas

Add to your Valentine’s Day celebrations or year round STEAM activities with a collection of hands-on and printable activities. Check out some of my favorite and most popular STAEM activities and Valentine’s Day activities to try at home or school!

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