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Pumpkin Science Experiment


When we did an experiment using the inside of a pumpkin and placing it in different petri dishes and then in different locations, the kids were really curious about our outcome.  (See experiment here).  I decided to extend our learning even more by putting our pumpkin from our exploding pumpkin experiment, inside of a plastic container.  We then sealed up the container and we made some guesses as to what would happen over time.  I will bring the pumpkin out from time to time whenever there is a change and show everyone.  This is just the beginning of our pumpkin science experiment and will last for several months!

Pumpkin Science Experiment

This pumpkin science experiment serves as a great reminder that often science takes time.  Scientists often have to wait a long time for results.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens to our pumpkin come the spring.  Since this pumpkin was already carved and cleaned out, I have added some seeds from another pumpkin in the hopes that a sprout will grow.

The book “Pumpkin Jack” by Will Hubbell is the perfect literacy connection for this activity.  I am looking forward to watching our pumpkin rot and change and hopefully become something beautiful. Stay tuned!

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