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St. Patrick’s Day Activities


I’m not sure if Leprechauns work this hard to find treasure!  I did this at home, but I will try it in the classroom next time!   I froze a large container of water that I had added food colouring, some coins and sparkles into.  In the morning, I let my kids try to get the money and other items out.  I love doing activities for special occasions and St. Patrick’s Day activities are always a hit!

st.patrick's day activities

They spent over an hour playing around with the ice.  I gave them eye droppers and warm water as well as a magnify glass.  They had fun making holes in the ice with the water and slowly chipping away at the ice.  They liked seeing where the sparkles settled and the layers in the ice.  This was an easy activity that kept my kids engaged for much longer than I had anticipated.

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