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Easy Science Experiments- Disappearing Snowman


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  I love doing easy science experiments with kids!  This experiment started with children making their own little snowman using some basic materials to design their own snowman with.  We placed them in a jar and left them inside and observed them every day to see what was happening.  The initial melting of the snowman is quite quick, but it takes awhile for the water to completely evaporate.  We used this time over the days to measure the water as it goes down.  In the end, students gained a basic understanding that their snowman did not disappear, but rather that it evaporated and was now in the air.

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Another, faster way to do this experiment is with heat.  The snowman can be heated up over a small burner and students can watch it disappear right before their eyes.  (Always use caution and make sure students are far from the heat source.  Safety glasses are always a good idea too.  Make sure to use a heat safe container.)

This activity also worked well for grade 2 science as an introduction to the states of matter!  Disappearing water, and snowmen, are always exciting.

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