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Before you go… I think you will really like this collection of 50 STEM Challenge Task Card using only 15 Materials. The materials are simple, inexpensive and you probably already have many on hand.

All of the challenges are fun, hands-on activities that children of all ages can problem solve and build.

50 STEM Challenge Task Cards with just 15 Materials

50 STEM Challenge Task Cards – STEM Program
  • Preschool through Elementary Aged
  • Variety of Activities and Building Skills
  • Simple Materials Required
  • Hands-On and Engaging
  • Ideal for Classroom or Home Use
  • No Prep!

*Please note that ten of the task cards are the same/similar to the ones featured in 10 Exciting STEM Activities with just 10 materials.* The tasks cards have been updated and reformatted to fit with the rest of the collection.

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