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Winter Escape Room Game/Puzzle

  • Winter Theme
  • Escape Room Game/Puzzle
  • Builds Skills in Team Building and Problem Solving
  • Ideal for Elementary School Children (under 12)


Bring on winter! Have some fun this season with this Winter Escape Room. No locks, keys or special materials needed! All you need to do is print, set up and go! This escape room mission plays almost like a board game in terms of being able to play at a table (ideal for classroom use, or at home.)

Perfect for small group or center work.

Children solve over 10 puzzles/clues to get to the final envelope to complete their mission.

Clues include:

6 puzzles for children to solve including:

– Alphabet Code

– Maze

– Math (addition and subtraction questions)

– Crossword

– Reading/following code

– Matching


Each puzzle leads to a number clue.

Full file is over 60 pages. (Black + White and Color)

Set up instructions and winter escape room solution included.  Completion certificate for players also included.

Black and white pages are also included.

Product also includes, for one of the challenging puzzles, to put your own (easier) math questions in the blanks for children to work out and solve. The original puzzle is included. This is an extra page at the end of the product that has been added.

*Please note that this is a virtual download for the purchaser to print on their own. No product will be shipped to your home.*


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