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Healthy Eating For Kids

Healthy Eating For Kids


Who doesn’t love chocolate??  Teaching kids about good eating habits is essential to their well being.  We tried this activity during a health lesson in kindergarten and it was a great visual about healthy vs. unhealthy choices. 

We had a great discussion about healthy eating for kids.  The hula hoops worked really well to create a large Venn diagram on the floor.

healthy eating for kids

Before we started the lesson I spoke to students about the idea that there is no food they should never have, unless there is an allergy; however, there are some foods that are just sometimes foods.  Foods that are okay to have in moderation. 

I avoid telling kids to never eat treats because they are okay in moderation.  Also, at this age students are not typically in charge what they eat, their parents make most if not all of their meals.

Don’t worry too much about the specific examples I used, students could even simply choose one thing from their lunches and decide where where it belongs.  The discussion was the important part. 

For example, yogurt is usually considered a healthy food, but I had a student bring up the fact that some yogurt has a lot of sugar in it and plain yogurt would be a healthier choice. The Venn diagram is a great visual and easy, hands-on activity to try to teach healthy eating to kids.

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