Properties of Liquids and Solids

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Properties of Liquids and Solids


What better way to introduce a science unit all about liquids and solids than to have students experiment, note differences and make observations on an assortment of different liquids and solids?

liquids and solids

In groups, students were given a collection of the liquids containers. (We observed the containers of solids on another day.)  Using the finger lights, students made observations on what they saw including how fast the liquid moved, the colour, if they could see the light through it and their hypothesis for what the material was.   We also inspected the liquids and solids using magnifying glasses.  Students did not open containers, but did come up with a hypothesis as to what each liquid or solid was.  I found this a great way to get the kids excited about our new unit.  Looking at the different liquids as scientists encouraged students to notice differences as well as similarities.  I later revealed what was in each container.

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