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Fall Activity for Kids


Time for some baking!  Sometimes I have ideas that I want to use when I teach kindergarten prep, but I know that it is not something that would work well with the whole class. In this case, I usually end up doing centres with the students.  During an apple inquiry, I created this apple centre for the drama centre.   I have used it several times since and it is a easy, fun fall activity.

fall activity


The pie crusts are just felt with a few diamonds cut into it.  I added a few pie plates and baking utensils. I was able to find pompoms that were roughly the colour of some spices to add to the pies.  I also gave students a large bowl that they mixed the pie ingredients together.  They then poured it into the pie pan and baked!  I was pleasantly surprised with how much dramatic play happened with these materials.  It is a fairly simple centre, but students enjoyed it and played happily for quite some time.  It is definitely a fall activity that I will use again.

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