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Creative Art for Kids – Scooter Board Art


“This is awesome!!!”  We are heading into fall, but the last few days we have had some warmer weather so we are soaking it up outside.  Today we did this really simple art/gym activity.  Whenever I use scooter boards with kindergarten kids they love them.  I figured that today we would bring them outside and enjoy the outdoors while using the boards.  We tried out this creative art for kids activity.  All you need is a scooter board and some chalk.

Creative art for kids

We began by discussing the rules when using the boards (no standing on them, stay sitting and avoid putting fingers on the ground).  I then handed out the boards and students each took a piece of chalk.  I encouraged everyone to try turning in a circle and checking the mark they made.  Students then found out that the tarmac had a bit of a slant and used it to roll down while dragging the chalk.  It works well to have everyone lined up and then call out what kind of line they need to make as they move (squiggly, zigzag).  It is fun to then see all of the marks created by everyone and it makes a beautiful, huge piece of art!

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