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Gym Games for Kindergarten


We drew a lot of attention and interest when we took these balloons down to the gym!  Everyone was excited to get their hands on these huge balloons!  We have been working on volleyball skills in gym and students have really impressed me with their abilities.  We used actual volleyballs and learned how to bump and volley!  However, today, I decided to have some extra fun with some new gym games for kindergarten using extra large balloons!

I had 4 of the large balloons blown up and ready to use. (I used a pump).  I drew some silly faces on them with permanent marker, just for fun.  We started off in 4 small groups volleying the balloons around to each other.  I then challenged students to not touch the balloon twice in a row.  Everyone had fun working to keep the balloon off the ground.

I then got out hula hoops and spread them out around the gym.  Each student stood in a hula hoop and had to hit the ball to keep it in the air if it came to them.  The hula hoops were a great way to help make sure that everyone got a chance to hit the balloon by keeping children in a specific spot.   We then counted together each time someone hit the balloon and kept counting until it touched the ground.  They balloons would also work well to play a small game of volleyball over an actual net.

I used the balloons for several gym games in kindergarten, and then reused them for a science experiment we did later in the week!  Young kids love using the balloons and they are especially great for little ones to encourage hand-eye coordination.

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