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Active Math Activity


This math activity was so easy to prepare, yet it was a lot of fun and it allowed me to take our math class outside.  This activity can be adapted to varying grade levels and various math strands.  I used a class set of large wood slices and a sensory ball.  The wood slices were simply to help with classroom management.  If you don’t have wood slices, but like this idea, I have used chalk on tarmac to mark places before as well.  I laid the slices out in a circle on the grass and each student stood on a wood slice.  For kindergarten we simply used this circle for counting.  I bounced the ball to the first student and counted “one”.  The student then caught the ball and bounced it to another student across from them and said “two” as they bounced.  We continued on counting until the numbers became far beyond what they were focused on in class.  I helped with the counting and so did other students.

math activity

This activity could easily be changed for older students learning their math facts, such as multiplication.  Students would need to be listening and following along in case the ball is thrown to them  They would only have a few seconds to think of their answer.  One child could say a multiplication fact for another student to solve and then bounce the ball to them.  Young students could sit and roll the ball instead of bouncing it.  It is such a simple idea, but I personally love using it because it gets kids active and engaged in math.

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