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40 DIY Escape Room Ideas at Home

Take a look through this collection of 40 escape room puzzles that are challenging, fun and easy to incorporate into your own escape room! Read More

hands on teaching ideas

DIY Escape Room for Kids

Ready, set, go! Everyone will love solving this escape room for kids. Search through for clues and solve puzzles to find your way to the end. Read More.

hands on teaching ideas

9 Fun Escape Room Puzzles

Who doesn’t love Escape Rooms? This escape room includes 9 clues to get to the final treasure. Try it out at home. Who will get there fastest? Read More.

hands on teaching ideas

How to Make an Escape Room for Kids

DIY escape room for kids that encourages problem solving and perseverance – along with a lot of fun and laughs! Read More.

hands on teaching ideas

STEM Challenge that Kids will Love

How high can you build? Your kids will love this STEM challenge and it requires little to no prep from parents/teachers. Start building today! Read More.

hands on teaching ideas

63 Outdoor Learning Activities Kids will Love

Take learning outside with these 63 outdoor learning activities and teaching ideas for kids. Read More.

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