Gingerbread Baby + Worksheet

Gingerbread Baby + Worksheet


This story play is very popular with my students! I love Jan Brett’s books, so I was excited to create a story play for, “Gingerbread Baby”. This form of storytelling has become a passion of mine because of the reaction I get from students. They are so excited and captivated while watching. It has created a love for these books and greater interest in retelling stories independently. Although I present in kindergarten, I have also included a printable worksheet for primary grades as an accompaniment to the video. (Link at bottom of page. )

The gingerbread baby’s house was a favourite for students. Overall, I feel that the story lends itself well to be presented as a story play. Although I presented to a group of kindergarten kids, I have presented to primary grades in the past. The printable worksheet also allows for some higher learning and reflection for older children.

(For another favourite story play, “Alfie’s Long Winter” by Grey McEvoy click here.)

As an extension activity, I handed out a ball of gingerbread play dough to students. They then had the opportunity to play and create their own gingerbread baby.

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