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Storytelling for Kids


This page has been updated.  For a recent story play and video click here.

I love creating story plays!  Children are always excited to watch a story play and you can hear a pin drop in the room when one is presented.  They can be intricate and detailed, but they can also easily and quickly be make with materials around the house.  If you have children or teach them, these story plays are my absolute favourite activity to do with young children.

For a story play, I simply present the story using small props and move them as I read the story aloud.  The props basically become the pictures for the story.  This form of story telling and the children’s reactions are really something I encourage you to experience.

storytelling for kids

We talked about how a pumpkin changes in size, but also colour.  As I read the story, I replace the pumpkin with a larger one, until I get to the huge orange pumpkin at the end.

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