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Fairy Activity for Kids

Fairy Activity for Kids


Fairy homes and mythical creatures are very popular right now.  I planned a fairy activity for kids with a themed bath.  It was really simple to create and my kids will play for hours!  I used some of my fabric to surround the bathtub.  I added a bit of food colouring to the water to add to the atmosphere.  The blue and green glass stones worked well to create a special area for the unicorns.

fairy activity for kids

I used flowers made of foam to float in the water.  I added my kids unicorn figures and fairy figure so that they would have characters to play with.  I added some tea lights and a strand of lights around the tub.  (I took them away as soon as my kids were in the tub, but they were great for their first impressions of their fairy world.  Be safe and don’t have anything electrical near water).  This is such a simple bath, but it was so much fun and my kids loved it!

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