Ideas for Introducing New Foods to Picky Eaters

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Ideas for Introducing New Foods to Picky Eaters


I want my kids to eat healthy, but one of my challenges is getting them to eat a variety of foods.  I wanted to try something new with my picky eater.   We came up with some creative name ideas for foods.  My hope was for kids to at least try them.  I was shocked, but happily surprised with how successful we were!

I did this with my own kids as well as all of my kindergarten students.  The foods I chose were ones that I figured kids would not be overly familiar with so they didn’t decide they did not like them before even trying them.  Once I showed the food, we came up with creative and appealing names for each of them.  Mango tofu became ‘edible bouncy castle’, sugar snaps became ‘monster candies’.  The kids ideas were priceless.

picky eaters

Over 100 kids tried every single food!  They didn’t all love all of them, but they tried them!  Once telling kids the foods actual names I encouraged them to let their parents know which foods they enjoyed.  I guess calling it a funny, exciting name made it more interesting.  Even with my own kids they were at least willing the try the different foods when presented in this way.  Sugar snaps have now become a staple in my kids lunches.

I am always careful when I bring food into kindergarten (or any class) at school, but I chose foods that I made sure were safe as far as allergies.

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