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DIY Solar System Model Idea

DIY Solar System Model Idea


My children have always been curious about space and the planets.  There is something amazing about learning about our universe.  At home, I decided to keep my kids interest about space going as we created this solar system model.  I’m not sure who likes looking at this model more – my kids or me! 

The solar system that we created was really easy and inexpensive.  We had read a bunch of books about the planets and then decided we wanted our own model.  We used the biggest styrofoam ball to represent the sun and attached it with fishing line near the light fixture (but not too close – be careful!).

solar system model

They are far from accurate, but we did use our books to reference the planets size and basic colour.  For Saturn we put tooth picks into it and attached string around it to represent the ring.  It looks beautiful and is a great visual of the solar system! 

It is strung up in my daughter’s bedroom.  We used fishing line to hang the planets and we made sure to put them up in order.  The only thing that I still want to add is a layer of glow in the dark paint over each planet.  It looks beautiful in her room and I am proud of our solar system model that we created together.

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