Mothers Day Idea – Child Planted Flowers

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Mothers Day Idea – Child Planted Flowers

Mothers Day Idea – Child Planted Flowers


I do not have a green thumb, so to say that I was happy that our flowers sprouted would be an understatement. I have tried planting flowers with students for Mother’s Day many times, but I rarely have one or two that sprout in time for students to take them home, let alone enough for 4 classes! 

However, I love this mothers day idea, because it is something that keeps being watched and cared for long after mother’s day has passed.  The Zinnia flowers are beautiful, fast growing and apparently great for beginners!  I heard before the end of the year that many students flowers had grown quite tall and beautiful.

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My favourite part about this activity is that students did every step independently.  I modelled how much soil to put in their cup, and how to plant their seed and then they went to work and planted their own. 

To be honest, I did plant some extras, and I did need them, but students were excited to watch them grow and excited to take them home.

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