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Colour Mixing for Kids

Colour Mixing for Kids


This activity is one that my kids and I always play with before I take it into school!  I have done this activity countless times, and it always goes well and the kids love it.   I make up 3 big batches of playdough and make sure that the colour is quiet bright.  (Bulk food stores sell food coloring for the cheapest price I have ever found…and I go through a lot of food colouring!)  This hands-on colour mixing for kids is a great way for kids to create new colours.

colour mixing for kids

Divide each coloured batch of playdough into a small ball for each student (each student will get a ball of each colour). Have students divide each ball in half (6 balls total).  They are always so excited as the colour begins to appear as they mix!  If you really want to make their day, allow them to take home their dough!

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