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Space Activities for Kindergarten


I think all kids have a natural curiosity about space and astronauts…and if there’s ice cream involved then I guarantee you will have their full attention.   Being Canadian, I am a huge fan of Chris Hadfield and thoroughly enjoy his posts online about life in space.  All space activities for kindergarten tend to be a hit and this is one of only a few lessons that I have repeated every year!

space activities for kindergarten

I had a student get dressed in the hall into the astronaut suit and then come in as our ‘guest speaker.’  We discussed her/his suit, how heavy it is and difficult to get on, and then we discussed a bit about how food has to be different to be taken into space.  We then passed around a sample of astronaut ice cream.  This was a hit!  I also added some spaceship landing music over my speaker before their classmate entered the room dressed in the costume.  They are still asking if there was really a space ship in the hall.

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