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Sock Puppet Fun for Kids


Who doesn’t enjoy playing with sock puppets?  One of the classes I cover prep for were exploring an inquiry on puppets.  I really wanted to give students the chance to hold and move their own puppet.  I created a very basic sock puppet for each student.  (I was able to find 6 pairs for $1.25 at a local dollar store.)  We explored the basics to puppetry, ie. how to hold the puppet, how to create a mouth that moves etc. and then they decided on a name for their puppet.


The noses on the puppets were pompoms, and there were 6 of each colour.  They grouped up based on their puppet’s nose colour and introduced their puppet to the rest of their group.  Depending on time, students shared what their puppet’s favourite food was and attempted to have a conversation with their puppet.  I will definitely use these again!


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