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Rock Activities for Kids – Being Geologists


rock activities for kids

One of the classes that I teach has been studying rocks.  I continued their learning with a few rock experiments.  I like the idea of giving young kids the tools that scientists use, so they used eye droppers and magnifying glasses.  We then talked about the 3 types of rock.  I smushed 3 colours of playdough together to show how some rocks are formed by pressure (and sometimes heat) to form a new rock as they could see because of the different colours.

We also looked at several types of rocks and, using the eye droppers, dropped a few drops of vinegar onto the rocks and watched, with magnifying glasses, if anything happened.  (Next time, I would take students outside first and let them find 2-3 rocks of their choice to use and then give them the limestone one.)  In limestone, a sedimentary rock, there are small amounts of calcium carbonate which react with the vinegar and begin to fizz.  (I got the limestone from a landscaping store.)

In kindergarten, I have learned that if something fizzes, or explodes,  it becomes the ‘best experiment ever’!  As they begin to understand it as a chemical reaction, they develop a love of science and learning.  Which is a powerful combination, that I truly believe leads to kids who change the world!

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