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Random Acts of Kindness for Kids


This activity is really simple and easy to do, but that’s what I love about it.   I think the idea of kids spreading inspiration, building each other up and getting in the habit of doing random acts of kindness is very important.  I gave my group of grade 4’s the job of coming up with a few inspirational quotes.  They used these quotes to write and decorate on our tarmac area outside.  Although I used it at school, it would be a great activity to do to show gratitude and send positive messages outside of a school setting.  Writing positive messages and inspirational quotes throughout a neighbourhood or at a school yard during the summer can make someone’s day.

random acts of kindness  random acts of kindness

Each student was assigned an area to design.  We made sure that the tarmac right outside of doors and areas students most frequent were covered.  We made the quotes large and clear.  It was exciting to watch as hundreds of kids ran outside for recess and saw our messages.  It made my day and hopefully theirs!

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