Leprechaun Trap – St. Patrick’s Day Adventure

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Leprechaun Trap – St. Patrick’s Day Adventure


We had quite the time searching the school for our friendly Leprechaun!   Once we got settled in the classroom, we heard a voice from the hall saying, “Try and catch me!” (I had placed my portable speaker just outside the classroom door and played the pre-recorded message/voice from my phone.)

There was a lot of excitement as we quietly walked through the school (as not to scare the Leprechaun away) and found clues.  One clue led us to the spot that I left my lunch… we were surprised to find what the Leprechaun had done to it!

leprechaun trap

We decided that our best bet was to create a trap to catch the leprechaun.  We used the box and propped it up and attached a string that students held – ready to pull if the Leprechaun appeared!  I handed out green coins and let students create trails for the leprechaun to follow.

From around a corner, as students sat quietly, I controlled the Sphero ball.  I set the colour to green and quickly ran it right into the box!  Students were so excited to have caught a leprechaun, but when we lifted the box, it was empty!  (I had attached a bag inside to put the Sphero into before turning the box over.)  There was, however, a note, that told us to return where we started, because he did leave us a little treat.  We rushed back to the classroom, where a box of gingerbread cookies were waiting for us!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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